Founder of Census-Bio Melvyn F.Askew

Melvyn Askew has worked in agriculture and associated industries since
1965.He has worked in all sectors of land-based industry from practical
agriculture and land management to senior policy making.
His career began as a local extension officer, developed upon promotion
to becoming a scientific specialist supporting local advisers over a
wide geographical area in UK until in MAFF/ADAS, to him becoming
National Consultant for 'Other Arable Crops'.His career progressed to
include responsibility for R&D assessment and management from the
administrative,budgetary and scientific perspectives.These
responsibilities have been held within MAFF/Defra and in other
organisations too. Often he has been operating as a personal expert.

Melvyn Askew has become an acknowledged expert both nationally and
internationally in both scientific and management roles. He has been
invited to speak in a wide range of countries worldwide, especially on
overarching and strategic issues. He has published quite widely.

One particular strength of Melvyn Askew is his ability to be innovative
in terms of new technologies, science and in management.'


July 2007 – Awarded Associateship of the Royal Agricultural Societies, for services to agriculture.
August 2007. Chaired and addressed USDA Global Conference on Agricultural Biofuels, Minneapolis, USA.
September 2007. Presentation: An Overview of Non- food Crops and Products – The Way Forward. New Crops and Uses and their role in a Changing World. Congress at University of Southampton, UK
November 2007. Chaired and addressed British Crop Production Conference. Glasgow, Scotland.
November 2007. Article, ‘Natural plant oils and fats as renewable resources: a sustainable option? In Lipid Technology.
November 2007. Participant in Consultation at St Georges House, Windsor, UK. Climate Change and UK Rural Economy.
January 2008. In report of Conference -Biomass to Fine Chemicals and Fuels: Science, Technology and Public Policy. Held in Houston Texas, USA.
2007 to date.  Institute of Biologists representative at European Countries Biology Association.
February 2008 – Chaired Expert Meeting on Global Perspectives for Fuel and Food Security, FAO, Rome.
February 2008. Keynote address to Crop Production in Northern Britain Congress - Land Use and Cropping for the Future: “Policy or Politics?”  Dundee Scotland.
May 2008. In Press. The canon of potato science. 20. Volunteer Potatoes. M. F. Askew and P. C. Struik. For Potato Research